Bite. 001 - Omakase @ No Relation

Bite is going to be my way of sharing what I’m eating & drinking and where. You can always count on me to give my honest opinions and feedback, and this is going to be a place where you can get all your food intel for when you wanna flex and bring them somewhere dope…or when you just wanna ball out on your own.

Might even fuck around and throw some secret menu items in here sometimes too.

Hot Take

Coins - $$$ this is definitely up there, you’re talking $90 a head, save this for a special occasion
Fit - whatever you want
Vibe - intimate yet chill, quiet, minimal music
Tips - book your meal Mon-Thurs to save a lil’ dough

Just to give a little context - No Relation is a reservation-only sushi counter that’s hidden in the back of Shore Leave. I’ll let you read their own description of themselves below:

Essentially, the way it works is you have to buy tickets for the night you want to go, there’s 2-seatings a night and all you have to worry about when you get there is what to drink, if anything and tip!

For those that haven’t ordered.eaten.fallen in love with Omakase before, it’s essentially entrusting your meal with the chef and it translates to “I’ll leave it up to you” or entrust in Japanese. Us Westerners have adopted it to mean a tasting menu at sushi restaurants but on my trip to Japan you can pretty much get Omakase & Kaiseki dining at a multitude of different type of restaurants. 

You’re paying for the chefs knowledge and respect for both the ingredients (seasonality, care, preparation etc.) and for you (gauging your reaction to certain dishes). They are in charge of creating the menu using the finest ingredients available to them, and traditionally they should be gauging your reaction and adjusting the menu, presentation, portion for each person they’re serving. 

Another thing to note is that often times, it’s standard to keep eating until you’re almost uncomfortably full, only then will you receive the bill.

I’ll highlight the most memorable dishes from the menu

aight, here’s that sushi content you’ve been waiting for

No Relation Menu.jpg
This was fire. The lemon oil helps bring some acidity and the salt helps bump it up.

This was fire. The lemon oil helps bring some acidity and the salt helps bump it up.



Chutoro is essentially where you wanna be in terms of tuna. It’s not quite the fattiest part of the fish but it’s still in the belly region and has complexities that mirror salmon’s inherent fattiness. (there’s still one more level of fat, often called o-toro)

And I’m just gunna say it, I didn’t eat the fried shallots, it didn’t need it. 


Tuna Tartare Handroll

A very straightforward exectution. I thought the uni did a great job of adding a unique flavor and umani element. The shiso was also a great add - not sure if they used uni from hokkaido though.



This is a fun one - also known as Kamusu. It’s a bit of an oily fish, which makes sense as to why it follows mackerel, but definitely a bit o the lighter side and the ginger and scallion were an excellent pairing. 10/10 would eat again.


Hokkaido Scallop

Anything from Hokkaido is going to be good. It’s because the waters there are so cold, it’s ideal for certain fish and sea stuff to grow. This was done quite well. 10/10 would eat a dozen.


Bruh…plankton oil?!?! Like how creative do you have to be to come up with this shit man…such a great way to finish this dish. I wish I could have taken a bottle home of this stuff with me. This soup was surprising light, and the amount of clam that was in it was great!