Name : Paul Francois

Location : Boston, MA

Focus :  Operations, Design, Music / Marketing

Background : Boston based DJ | Former Resident DJ of Special Events for Niketown Boston | Co Resident DJ for a// good. at Goodlife.

Founder of Think Create Advance / CLLCTV BOSTON | Recent DJ Sets include ICA Boston, Lawn On D, Niketown Boston, The Sinclair, The Middle East, The Gallows.

Vision : Helping to change the culture of Boston is the main reason for my contributions to CLLCTV BOSTON. Boston has great creative potential, that has been left untapped. I’d like to see Boston eventually compare to other creative havens throughout the country. I want  creative, artistic, and business minded people to look at Boston as a viable option or a place to conduct their affairs. Another one of our aims is to tell the stories for people who have limited voices, whether that be in the creative or business sectors.