Name : Paul Francois

Location : Boston, MA

Focus :  Operations, Design, Music / Marketing

Background : Boston based DJ | Former Resident DJ of Special Events for Niketown Boston | Co Resident DJ for a// good. at Goodlife.

Founder of Think Create Advance / CLLCTV BOSTON | Recent DJ Sets include ICA Boston, Lawn On D, Niketown Boston, The Sinclair, The Middle East, The Gallows.

Vision : Helping to change the culture of Boston is the main reason for my contributions to CLLCTV BOSTON. Boston has great creative potential, that has been left untapped. Iā€™d like to see Boston eventually compare to other creative havens throughout the country. I want  creative, artistic, and business minded people to look at Boston as a viable option or a place to conduct their affairs. Another one of our aims is to tell the stories for people who have limited voices, whether that be in the creative or business sectors.