Inner Circle: Ella Hussle

Making Waves: Ella Hussle

by Kibbee Miller

Last month we had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Ella Hussle. She played the closing DJ set at our June edition of The Wave Boston. Ella, who originally hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. In the past, Ella held her  "Sunday Service", residency at the notable Manhattan hotspot, The Delancey. She has also played venues that include The Lash in Los Angeles, Leftfield NYC in New York City, and just recently came off of a multi city tour with Fools Gold Recording artist Bosco. 

At CLLCTV BOSTON we pride ourselves in establishing lasting friendships with the artists and DJ's that we bring out locally, as well as from different cities. Ella is really friendly and down to earth. Fresh off her trip from the city, she agreed to shoot photos with Ray, (our co founder and one of our resident photographers). She also introduced herself to the entire crew, mingled with the crowd, danced in the middle circle during the opening and middle sets, and even hung out with everyone after to watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Aside from being really chill, Ella is also an awesome DJ. Her closing set was really dynamic and hit several genres seamlessly. 

Kibbee, head writer and editor and CLLCTV BOSTON, got a chance to catch up with Ella and got some of her insights on her experiences as a DJ, personal background, and interests outside of her craft. Check out the interview after the jump!

How old were you when you first started DJing?
I started djing when I was 23.

What drew you towards DJing in the first place?
I've always enjoyed discovering new music and the reaction it gives other people, and realized that's one of traits of being a DJ. I also realized there's not a lot of women in the industry, at least not at the forefront and I wanted to bring attention to that.

What troubles (if any) do you face being a female DJ in the scene? 
Men assuming I don't know what I'm doing behind the booth, like I just appeared and didn't get booked because of my talent, it honestly baffles me.

Would you say you have a particular sound?
 I was born and raised on the west coast but I reside in NYC so I always make it a point to throw a lil west in ALL my sets. 

What makes your work stand out in a world filled with aspiring DJs?
I'm always gonna play a record that's gonna make you feel good or bring back one of your happiest moments! I feel my work stand out also cause I don't play any up and coming DJ plays I rarely play trap, and if I do it's because I truly love the song.

Favorite record?
Hmm this is a hard question but child's play by drake gets me going! 

What's your idea of the perfect weekend?
Going to the beach with all my fave people, smoking lots of weed lol 

Be sure to follow Ella at @ELLAHUSSLE

Check out her latest mix fittingly entitled "WAVES"