Inner Circle : Mike Nasty

I had the chance to kick it with Mike Nasty, really cool and genuine dude. Learn more about him after the jump!

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How did you first get into DJing?

I got into deejaying my senior year in high school in 2009. My friends and I were planning a block party, in our neighborhood in Memphis, and needed a DJ. I decided to take the job.

Who/what gives you inspiration?

My family inspires me with everything I do. They are my greatest support system. It's a blessing to have very encouraging parents who continually give you positivity with everything you do.

Do you think being from Memphis has shaped you as a DJ?

I'll say that being from Memphis has shaped my musical ear as a producer more than a DJ. The production from those early 3 6 Mafia songs have a hand in my sound today.

How do you stay relevant?

It's not really a formula to it for me. People continue to book me and listen to my music because my shows and projects impact them in some way. I don't have a specific plan of relevancy. I just live each day as it comes to me, and people react to what I do and how I move. 

Do you think people of color are well-represented in the industry? 

I feel like people of color are well-represented in the industry currently, but we can always have an increase of those of us at the top.

How did you meet Soup?

I met soup through my homie JR when I first came to NYC on a business trip. JR was plugging me to gigs and saw that Soup was throwing a party with In Good Company called "Bodega." Soup let me hop on the event, and I killed it. That same night he told me that we would go on to do great things in NYC, and we've been spinning the hottest parties since then. He is a real genuine guy.

What kind of music do you feel the most connected to?

I listen and produce a ton of genres but I must say hip hop, rnb and house music really moves. I don't know many African Americans that are into house personally, but I'm in love with it. I wish the main stream was more into the genre. I'm talking about the raw, disco Chicago style house. Not this new poppy, EDM house.

What’s your favorite place you’ve played?

I can't think of a specific place as my favorite. Moments are more memorable to me than the venue. Some of my top moments were spinning on the "Turn Up Gods" Tour with Waka Flocka and DJ Whoo Kid, opening on the Lil Pump Tour dates on the east coast and deejaying a Legend's Lecture at my University years ago with Rev Run from Run DMC.

Would you leave NYC?

As of now, no. It's one of the top DJ and night life markets in the world. You can really get paid here. NYC runs entertainment in the US. I will say that I could see myself moving to California when I'm in my mid to late 30s or 40s. I want my future kids to grow up with land and a backyard to play in like I had growing up in Tennessee.

Is there anyone on your radar that’s up and coming from your area? (NYC or Memphis, whichever!)

There are artists on my radar from Atlanta like Chilly Chills and Keenon Rush. I have a few records with them both. My homie 5AM from Atlanta is about to blow as well. Remember I told you all this. I'm rocking with my homie Devin Lee out of New York as well. We have records as well. The artists I really want to see win work directly with me for the most part.

Favorite genre to play right now?

My favorite genre to play at the moment is House. 

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Is there anyone that you would love to go on tour with?

I would love to go on tour with Kanye. I can not lie. Kendrick and Drake are a close 2nd and 3rd.

Who are some fellow DJs that you feel like people sleep on?

I honestly can't say. I'm so focused on my own grind that I haven't even thought about someone to fit that mold. I felt slept on sometimes, especially when I lived in Atlanta, but all that has changed now. I have a powerful movement going on right now, and nothing can slow me down.

What’s your favorite vegan spot?

My favorite vegan spot in NYC is Champs Diner. My favorite vegan-friendly spot in Atlanta is R Thomas.

- Kibs