Inner Circle : Truspin

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Louis aka the DJ known as Truspin, when he was in town for the wave last month. Don’t let his timid, albeit at first, appearance fool you, this man can really get down on the tables. Hailing from the North he definitely brought the vibes to our crowd, alongside More Soup Please. 


Are you originally from MTL? 

Yes, born and raised.

What got you into DJing? 

I got exposed to DJ culture in the 90’s listening to hip-hop, watching movies like Juice and eventually saved up enough money to buy a pair of used SL 1200s. Fast forward to Cegep (college in Quebec), we started throwing parties with a group of friends and packed venues with 800+ people. That led us to gain a residency at a very popular club on Tuesdays. This night became the biggest Tuesday night in Montreal with 800-1000 people showing up every week at peak season. That's where I really learned how to DJ, we were still on vinyl then - it was around ’03. The night’s success lead me to other residencies and also allowed me to throw my own parties. DJing has allowed me to play in almost every big city in Canada and a couple of places in the US too.

Is there anyone/anything that you look to for inspiration?

I’m really into future soul & afro house right now. I’ll dig deep into SoundCloud/Bandcamp to find inspiration and remixes. I also listen to a lot of radio shows on the internet for inspiration too.

What keeps you motivated? 

Digging/discovering new music and incorporating it into my sets. It's always fun to have a fresh sound to play with.

What kind of music do you feel the most connected to? 

I like a lot of different types of music. I grew up on hip-hop, but I'm into anything soulful really. Whether it's funk, RnB, boogie, house music, I’ve held parties where I play all of these types of music and love to try to blend them all together.

How does Boston compare to some of the spots that you’ve held residencies in Canada? 

I didn’t get to experience a lot of it but I played Hojoko and the Wave with the crew and you guys definitely have a fun and open-minded crowd. You can take it to a wide musical spectrum. I really liked my experience and hopefully can make it back soon. - That's so sweet of you to say, we hope to have you back soon for sure!


What are some things you notice that set Canada apart from the states?

The culture is a bit similar since we’re neighbours (I thought I would leave his spelling in here to show his true North ;), watch the same tv and speak the same language but I think what really sets us a part is that it's more liberal and progressive, [both] socially and politically - and definitely more cold too!

Would you ever live anywhere else?

If it was for a project or an opportunity, yes, for a couple of years maybe, but Montreal will always be home. All my friends and family are here. It's a big enough city to be interesting and not too big for it to [be] expensive and hard to live. 

Describe your typical Friday night. 

Hmmm probably meet some friend for food/drinks and then show up to the club to DJ.

What’s the craziest set you’ve played? Does one come to mind? 

I throw this daytime party in the summer at Tokyo bar in Montreal. They have a super nice rooftop terrace and we get a bunch of DJs to play and do their thing, and over the years it became of the best day parties in the city. One of my best sets was there. [The] energy was crazy. Check out @lighthousewaves if ever you're in town and want to come by!

Go out or stay in?

Unless its Sunday or Monday, go out.

Is there anyone on your radar that’s up and coming from your area?

High Klassified, a producer from out here who has recorded for the Weeknd album, just released an EP that is really dope. [Who] else, Lou Phelps is putting out some dope records lately. 

What’s your favorite genre to play right now?

I’ll always be a hip-hop DJ first, but I really love to play house and future soul right now. 


Favorite spot to grab a bite in MTL? 

Liverpool house in Saint Henri. 

Drake or Bieber? or the Weeknd? 

haha, Drake. Hate to say it but, I'm a big fan lol.

Be sure to check him out if you're ever up North and need a place to hear certified tyunes for ya headtop.