Inner Circle : Jada La Reign


What got you into DJ-ing?

A desire to reconnect with music creatively. I had a musical upbringing; my mother is a singer and pianist who grew up in the church. From an early age, I was in the orchestra, playing acoustic bass. I also played piano and guitar for a brief time in elementary school. I disconnected with music a bit when I went away to college.  

What defines your sound? 

My sound is defined heavily by my connection to dance music; I love captivating, uptempo music that leaves you no choice but to move. 

What keeps you motivated?

 I'm motivated by my individual journey with DJing. The more time I spend with this craft, the more I learn about myself and the stronger my desire to expound on my ideas creatively. 

Is there anyone/anything that you look to for inspiration?

I'm constantly inspired by earth's ever expanding pool of music; there's just no way we'll ever be able to listen to it all. It leaves room for so many different styles and formats of DJing. 

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Who’s on your radar that’s up and coming from your area (or in general)?

I love Dee Diggs. She actually just moved to New York from Boston a few months ago. She embodies everything that makes up a great DJ in my opinion. Her song selection is eclectic and she has a powerful command over any room she plays in.

Favorite thing or artist to listen to right now?

House and dance music have been captivating me as of late.  

Favorite spot to grab a bite in NYC?

I love trying new vegan food. I'm not 100% vegan yet, but I love food, and I always discover new things to love when I try new vegan spots.  

The hustle in New York is so unique. There are hundreds and hundreds of nightlife venues jumping off seven nights a week, and there’s no shortage of talent to fill each and everyone. It forces you to work harder and really set yourself apart from the rest. I haven’t noticed the same drive in any other city I’ve played in thus far. 
— jada

What was the first thing you noticed about Boston?

The plethora of amazing spots to eat in Chinatown near the bus station, lol.  

What was your perception of Boston before you played the Wave?

I honestly had no clue what to expect, however, any time I heard about Boston nightlife, 9/10 times it was in reference to The Wave. So I was very excited when I was asked to participate. 


Everyone is so nice and BEAUTIFUL. The community is supportive and really knows how to have a good time. The Cllctv is really onto something special.  

Digital or vinyl?

Vinyl lead the way for everything else! Vinyl is king, but both. 

One thing you can’t travel without?

Headphones or a portable speaker. copy.jpg

What are some struggles you’ve had to overcome?

I think women still have a long way to go in terms of breaking barriers and normalizing our existence in an industry still dominated by men.  

I know you’re a proponent of making sure women of color + LGBTQ folks have access and feel empowered - can you touch upon your upcoming project and the focus behind that?

I curated a month-long educational series for Women's Month called SKILLSHARE centering women and LGBTQ people of color. The series will cover workshops and discussions about various formats of DJing, audio production,  and industry-related topics. For as long as I've been in this industry, I've always longed for more access to knowledge and resources, mentorship, even. I created this space for women and queer people of color to have affordable access to information, but also to bridge the gaps in our community and promote camaraderie amongst women and queer people in a space that has been dominated by men for so long. 

What are some ways that you think minorities can build with and support one another?

Minorities can build with and support one another by cross-promoting each others businesses, collaborating on initiatives and events, hiring each other, and financially supporting each others projects/circulating our dollar back into our communities wherever possible.

c/o malakhai pearson

You guys can catch Jada at your local vegan spot or on the gram :)

- Kibs