Inner Circle: Another Island LP - Durkin & Maka

I had the pleasure of interviewing my homie Durkin and Maka about their debut album as a tag team for Another Island.

What was some of the inspiration behind the album?

Maka: We didn't have a specific vision for this project we just made a bunch of songs like 20? and picked the ones that seemed to fit together in a cohesive way.  

Durkin: Yeah it wasn't very planned. We made New Phone after meeting during a Black EL session and decided to keep going. I just remember thinking "this came out good we should make more." Texted Maka and he agreed. A few months later Another Island was done.

This album is definitely tropical bass vibes, people can dance to this easily – what’s the audience you both were going after with ‘Another Island’?

Maka: Im tryna be on the radio! I don't know about Durk..

Durkin: I like to think the EP covers a lot of ground rhythm-wise. When I DJ, I play all types of dance music so when I make dance tracks it's always a bit of melting pot. For me though I just want to make myself and my friends dance. It worked I think?


What types of influence did you both detract from?

Maka: I was mostly listening to gangster rap, afropop, and early 2000s RnB. and some soundcloud stuff, some dancehall some brazilian funky..and anything with an interesting rhythm. but mostly gangster rap tbh thats powerful energy.

Durkin: At this point I can't even track it, from years of DJing I have downloaded so many genres and eras into my subconscious, but we were definitely going for a sunny vibe. I was referencing anything from Vybz to Masters at Work to the Beach Boys.

Are you both planning on working on more music together? Please say yes.

Maka: yes.

Durkin: yes. always working.

What are some qualities you look for in others when you collaborate?

Maka: I wanna hear some mf magic. Doesn't matter what we're doing. If u send me a beat i wanna hear magic. and if you record on my beat, i wanna hear magic. etc etc magic.

Durkin: Hard to say. I'm not a big fan of out of the blue "collab bro" messages though. Maka and I connected on food before we even talked about music.

Maka, you talk about fresh fruit on ‘Further’, we know you’ve been living that Keto lifestyle for a while now – would you recommend it?

Maka: Keto is cool but i'm looking a little cracked out lately so i been chillin on the intensity. I'm focusing on health!

Durkin: Nothing could keep me from fruit + carbs. Maka inspires me though - trying ride this healthy wave all the way to another other island.

What are both of your favorite songs off the album?

Maka: I like Further the most because it sounds like a pop hit mf smash to me. Also Wait. I don't know what Wait sounds like but its dope.

Durkin: Waterworld hands down. When we made that I felt like we were doing something special.


Were there songs that didn’t make the cut?

Maka: Most of them didn't make it. 

Durkin: There definitely were a lot of demos that didn't fit. They might still see the light of day, or turn into something else later. Almost nothing was wack though, just not quite right for Another Island. 

What’s your favorite island you’ve both visited?

Maka: Tonga. Thats where my family comes from, my favorite memories come from there too.

Durkin: Crete for sure. I'd be cool living there - eating grilled octopus on a beach by day and hitting clubs in a shiny shirt by night.

if you haven't had the chance to listen to Another Island, what the actual fuck are you waiting for? I'm out here in Lanzarote straight vibin'

- Kibs